Victims of Terrorism in Rhodesia

During the Rhodesian bush war in the 1970s rural Africans were the major victims of the so-called "freedom-fighters" led by Mugabe and Nkomo in their campaign to gain power in Rhodesia.

In an effort to make the facts known to the outside world, the West in particular, a series of booklets were published by the Rhodesian Government, giving photographic evidence of the methods used by Mugabe and Nkomo to cow the African population into supporting them.

Western leaders, from governments to church dignitaries, ignored the evidence and continued to support the men who committed the crimes shown here as if they were noble partisans fighting for democracy and freedom. Prominent individuals, including the Queen of the Netherlands, donated large amounts of money to enable the killers to continue their work. British church dignitaries even referred to the terrorists as "Christian soldiers"...

The Rhodesians warned the West that if Mugabe or Nkomo ever came to power, the country would be destroyed. Today the West has no option but to admit that Ian Smith and the Rhodesians were right.

Booklets published in the 1970s

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Red for Danger
Massacre of the Innocents
Anatomy of Terror, PDF file
Murder of Missionaries

The photos below are a selection of those published during the 1970s by the Rhodesian Government, scanned from the b/w originals in my possession. All of these African civilians were the victims of the terrorist tactics of Mugabe and Nkomo. Some show the mutilation of faces and limbs, others show clearly that the victims were bound before being tortured and killed. The last photo shows the senseless slaughter of the cattle that represented the African farmer's only wealth.

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