Rhodesia and South Africa: Military History

South Africa: Military History

SADF Symposium programme:SADF Symposium and Reunion - 30 August 1997: The theme of the symposium was to counteract the one-sided, negative image of the former SADF that has arisen as a result of the TRC proceedings in South Africa, and papers were presented by four former Chiefs of the SADF, among others. The texts of the papers presented are reproduced in full on this web-site.
Assessment of the probable results of activities of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) as perceived by former Chiefs of the SADF iro the SADF (by D.R. Marais, retd.) 
ANC terror hide-outs destroyed (Gaberone raids, 1985)
Castro explains why Angola lost battle against the SADF
Short History of the South African Army
2 Sqdn SAAF (Flying Cheetahs) in Korea by R. Allport The story of the South African Air Force squadron that fought in Korea as part of the U.N. forces. 
SADF Press Release (1977) on the Angola Campaign 1975 Over a year after the secrecy surrounding Op Savannah had led to propaganda victories for the communists, the SADF released this account to reveal the actual course of events. 
The Battle of Cuito Cuanavale (Angola 1987) by R. Allport A victory for the Cubans and MPLA in propaganda terms, but a defeat on the battlefield... 
Operations Moduler and Hooper 1987-1988 by H.R. Heitmann Account of two major operations by South African troops in support of Unita.

The following four articles were written by Robert Moss in 1977 and formed the first detailed study of Castro's intervention in Angola with more than 15,000 troops and how Washington and black moderate leaders begged the South Africans to send in troops to assist the anti-Communist movements. 
Castro's Secret War - 1
Castro's Secret War - 2
Castro's Secret War - 3
Castro's Secret War - 4

For the official Cuban point of view, read: 
Operation Carlota by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
and the speech made by Fidel Castro in April 1976, titled:
Angola: African Giron.
Military Chronicle of South-West Africa (1915 - 1988) by Col C.J. Nöthling Covers the development of the SWATF and the major operations in SWA and Angola. 
The Battle of Bridge 14 (Angola 1975) by R. Allport An account of a major defeat of the communist forces in Angola during Operation Savannah. 

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