Rhodesia and South Africa: Military History

Rhodesia: Military History

Review Articles: Towards a History of Rhodesia's Armed Forces (from 1974)

USMC Seminar: War Since 1945: Rhodesia: Tactical Victory, Strategic Defeat Book length account of the bush war and the forces involved.
Necklacing in Rhodesia - truth or lie? The verdict on this allegation was announced on 16 June, and is now included here. 
BSAP - A Proud Record 
The story of the Shangani Patrol by W.D. Gale (Matabele War, 1893)
The Mazoe Patrol (Matabele Rebellion, 1896)
Brief History of the Rhodesian Army by R. Allport
Rhodesia's Selous Scouts by Chris Vermaak
The Development of Southern Rhodesia's Military System, 1890-1953, by L.H. Gann
Rhodesian Insurgency (part 1) by Prof. J.R.T. Wood
Rhodesian Insurgency (part 2) by Prof. J.R.T. Wood
Fire Force (Part 1) by Prof. J.R.T. Wood
Fire Force (Part 2) by Prof. J.R.T. Wood
Salute the Troopers A tribute to some of the units of the Rhodesian Security Forces, showing flags, badges and Colours (this will be expanded in the near future). 
Security Force Auxiliaries, an abridged history Account of a controversial unit of around 10,000 Africans - some of them ex-terrorists - who became part of the Rhodesian Army 
The Viscount Disaster: News reports on the shooting down of the "Hunyani" airliner, together with the full text of Dean da Costa's sermon: The Silence is Deafening.
Operation Uric - Gaza, Mozambique, 1 to 7 September, 1979 The most controversial operation of The Rhodesian War, resulting in over 300 enemy dead for the loss of 15 Rhodesians.
Operation Quartz - Rhodesia 1980: The Op that never was - Quartz was a contingency plan to prevent ZANU from coming into power in Rhodesia, and was cancelled three hours before the code-word was due to be given! Three of the original top-secret signals sent to troops are also reproduced.

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