Rhodesia and South Africa: Military History

Rhodesia: History

Rhodesiana Journals

Fighting the Slavers The end of slavery in Central Africa. Interesting point in this piece is that, contrary to popular myth, the slavers and traders were all Africans and Arabs!
Rhodesia - Mzilikaze to Smith A brief overview of Rhodesia up to 1977.
Lancaster House Conference 1979 - Annex A, B Full text in 2 parts of the HMSO official report on the Lancaster House conference.
Lancaster House Conference 1979 - Annex C

Hoste - Rhodesia in 1890 - a lively account of the Pioneer Column and the founding of Salisbury, by Captain H.F. Hoste of the Column.
Contents and sample chapter of the book Flags and Symbols of Rhodesia 1890-1980 (now available on CD-Rom in full colour). See also Flags and Symbols of Rhodesia 1890-1980

Rhodesia: Unilateral Declaration of Independence Documents, 1965
Armorial Bearings of Rhodesia by R. Allport National arms and arms of major cities. 
Election in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia 1979 (Part 1)
Election in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia 1979 (Part 2)
This report was made in 1979 by a five-man team, led by Lord Boyd, which was sent to Rhodesia by the Conservative Party to observe the first one-man-one-vote elections in Rhodesia. 
'Four Tall NCOs of the Life Guards' Lord Mountbatten, Harold Wilson, and the Immediate Aftermath of UDI: The Proposed Mountbatten Mission.

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