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NOTE: Permission for the reproduction of issues 1-40 of Rhodesiana in digital format has been given to this web site by the Rhodesiana Society (now under the name "Heritage"), and are made available for private use only.

Rhodesiana No. 21, December 1969
CLYDE L. SHOEBRIDGE. The Umtali Tramways Limited.
R. HODDER-WILLIAMS. The Graveyard at Old Marandellas.
F. O. BERNHARD. "Discoverer of Simbaye": The Story of Karl Mauch, 1837-75. Part 1.
J. MCADAM. The Birth of an Airline: The Establishment of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Airways.
B. H. DE BEER. Houlton Augustus de Beer: 1895 Bulawayo Early Settler.
MERNA WILSON. The Muriel Mine and those who built it.

Rhodesiana No. 22, July 1970
Obituary: H. A. Cripwell and the Founding of the Rhodesiana Society.
The Gwelo Laager, 1896.
Memorials: Matabele Rebellion, 1896.
R. W. DICKINSON. Sofala and the South East Africa Iron Age.
F. O. BERNHARD. "Discoverer of Simbaye": The Story of Karl Mauch, 1837-75, Part 2.
C. K. COOKE. Dhlo Dhlo Ruins: The Missing Relics.
The Graveyard at Old Marandellas: Addendum.
J. MCADAM. Air Vice-Marshal Sir Quintin Brand: Co-pilot of the First Aeroplane to Land in Rhodesia.

Rhodesiana No. 23, December 1970
C. K. COOKE. Lobengula: Second and Last King of the Amandabele - His Final Resting Place and Treasure.
LILIAN E. STUTTAFORD. Lost on Trek in 1895.
MRS. J. B. L. HONEY. Buildings of Historic Interest. No. 3. "Ivanhoe", North Avenue, Salisbury.

Rhodesiana No. 24, July 1970
C. H. HALKETT AND M. GELFAND. With Laing in the Matopos: A Medical Casualty in the Ingungu Battle.
E. E. BURKE. Rhodesia in Books.
C. M. HULLEY. Buildings of Historic Interest. No. 4. Some Umtali Buildings.
C. K. COOKE. The Commission for the Preservation of Natural and Historical Monuments: A History.
MRS. J. B. L. HONEY. Hoisting the Flag on Pioneers' Day.
F. R. BRADLOW. The First Shakespearean Production in Rhodesia.

Rhodesiana No. 25, December 1971
E. E. BURKE. Mazoe and the Mashona Rebellion, 1896-97.
B. M. RANDLES. H. H. A. De Laessoe: Pioneer, Administrator and Explorer in Rhodesia from 1896 to 1914.
R. W. DICKINSON. Antonio Fernandes - A Reassessment.
C. J. W. FLEMING. In Search of Macambo.
J. G. STORRY. The White Induna.

Rhodesiana No. 26, July 1972
VALERIE TOMLINSON. Alfred James Tomlinson.
A. S. HICKMAN. Uniforms of the British South Africa Police.
ROGER SUMMERS. Some Stories Behind Historical Relics in the National Museum, Bulawayo.
J. DE L. THOMPSON. Buildings of Historic Interest. No. 5. Bulawayo's Drill Hall.
C. W. H. LOADES. Some Historic Sites in Salisbury: A Society Tour.
J. G. STORRY. John Jacobs: A Peculating Treasure Seeker.
F. O. BERNHARD. Ancient Fortifications in Matabeleland.
C. K. COOKE. Dhlo Dhlo Relics and Regina Ruins.
A. S. HICKMAN. The Fight at Bryce's Store and Other Incidents During the Boer War.

Rhodesiana No. 27, December 1972
I. J. CROSS. Rebellion Forts in Matabeleland.
D. N. BEACH. Kaguvi and Fort Mhondoro.
L. M. MCBEAN. R. S. Fairbridge - Father of Kingsley.
B. H. DE BEER. Gleanings from the Gazette, 1895.

Rhodesiana No. 28, July 1973
E. E. BURKE. Fort Victoria to Salisbury. The Latter Part of the Journey of the Pioneer Column in 1890.
SIR CHARLES MEREDITH. The Rhodesian Air Training Group, 1940-45.
ROGER HOWMAN. Orlando Barangwanath: A Centenarian Pioneer of Rhodesia.
HYLDA M. RICHARDS. The Coming of the Trappists. Centenary of the Death of David Livingstone.

Rhodesiana No.29, December 1973 Special Issue - Lectures on Aspects of Rhodesian History
L. W. BOLZE. Introduction to the Lectures
C. K. COOKE. The Stone Age in Rhodesia
THOMAS N. HUFFMAN. Prehistory - Iron Age, Ruins Period
H. R. G. HOWMAN. African History
E. GREENFIELD. The Impact of the Various Invasions from Sociological and Economic Angles
E. T. HEPBURN. European Pre-pioneers, 1500-1890
O. N. RANSFORD. Europeans, Nineteenth Century Onwards, British, Dutch, Portuguese
P. R. WARHURST. Concession-seekers and the Scramble for Matabeleland
H. A. D. SIMONS. Thomas Baines
GWENDA NEWTON. The Go-between - John Grootboom
PADDY VICKERY. Mrs. Tawse-Jollie
C. K. COOKE. Present and Future Action to Preserve the Past

Rhodesiana No. 30, June 1974
G. H. TANSER. The History of the Rhodesiana Society from June 2nd 1953 to June 2nd 1974
ALLISON SHINN. The Early European Settlement of the South Western Districts of Rhodesia. Part I.
J. G. STORRY. Arms and the Monomatapa
R. R. LANGHAM-CARTER. The Manica Frontier Dispute: Major Sapte's Mission
J. McADAM. The Flying Mapmakers
A. M. EWING. Tex Long
The Rt. Hon. Sir HUGH BEADLE. Sir Ernest Lucas Guest: a tribute

Rhodesiana no. 31, September 1974
ALISON SHINN. The Early European Settlement of the South Western Districts of Rhodesia. Part 2
E. E. BURKE. Buildings of Historic Interest. No. 6. "The Stables", Salisbury
P. WHITE. Origins of Postal Communications in Central Africa. Part I. The Northern Route
R. W. PETHERAM. Inyanga: with Special Reference to Rhodes Inyanga Estate
A. S. HICKMAN. The Rev. Herbert Carter
Charles Livingstone at the Victoria Falls

Rhodesiana no. 32, March 1975
J. C. BARNES. The Battle of Massi Kessi
HYLDA M. RICHARDS. The Return of the Trappists
R. D. FRANKS. Jumbo Mine: A Brief History
C. K. COOKE. The Zeederberg Coach
R. R. LANGHAM-CARTER. M. P, Bowden: Pioneer, and H. W. M. Paulet: Early Settler
HUGH FINN. Kingsley Fairbridge: A Review Article
HEATHER JARVIS. The Chishawasha Story

Rhodesiana No. 33, September 1975
R. CHERER SMITH. The African Trans-continental Telegraph Line
E. E. BURKE. The Southern Approach to the "Far Interior"
W. F. REA, S.J. Chishawasha Mission and the 1896 Rebellion
P.J. WHITE. Origins of Postal Communications in Central Africa, Part II
C. K. COOKE. Finaughty's Cannon
R. KENT RASMUSSEN. From Cillicaats to Zelkaats: the Orthographic Odyssey of Mzilikazi
DOROTHY STEBBING. The Past that Slipped Away
The Thomas Baines Centenary

Rhodesiana No. 34, March 1976
J. C. BARNES. The 1896 Rebellion in Manicaland
PAT DAVIS. The History of Gwelo. Part I.
R. CHERER SMITH. Rezende Mine
R. W. DICKINSON. Angoche and the Sofala Shoal
"Rhodesia before 1920": An Exhibition

Rhodesiana No. 35, September 1976
Selwyn Hickman, National Chairman and Gold Medallist
PAT DAVIS. The History of Gwelo, Part 2.
C. COGGIN. The Pioneer Corps. A Review Article
R. CHERER SMITH. Sir Digby Burnett, K.B.E., J.P., M.I.M.M.
W. F. REA, S.J. The Beginnings of the Goetz Observatory
V. L. BOSAZZA. Muslim or Arabic Navigations on the East Coast of Africa
C. K. COOKE. Some Buildings and Sites near Bulawayo connected with C. J. Rhodes
J. P. LOTT. Major F. R. Burnham, d.s.o. : a vindication

Rhodesiana No. 36, March 1977
ROGER HOWMAN. Sir Herbert John Taylor, Kt. : First Chief Native Commissioner
C. K. COOKE. Moodie's Drift
COL. J. DE LISLE THOMPSON. The Colours of the Southern Rhodesia Volunteers (Western Division)
PAT DAVIS. The History of Gwelo, Part 3
MICHAEL J. KIMBERLEY. Harold Basil Christian: An Early Rhodesian Botanist
R. R. LANGHAM CARTER. Alice Margaret Allen: Rhodesia's First Head-mistress
OTTO REITZ. William Henry Sitwell (1860-1952)
Loose colour insert in this issue: SRV Colours

Rhodesiana No. 37, September 1977
J. C. BARNES. The Beira-Mashonaland Railway
OTTO REITZ. The Pioneer Corps : Addenda
DR. R. M. MORRIS. Medical Practitioners of Bulawayo in the Mid-1920s Part 1
D. K. PARKINSON. The Pioneer Road: Tuli to Fort Victoria in the Chibi District 1890-1966
MONICA G. WADDY. Sir Philip Bourchier Sherard Wrey

Rhodesiana No. 38, March 1978
MICHAEL J. KIMBERLEY. Sir Joseph Vintcent - Rhodesia's First Judge
MRS. MONICA WADDY. Buildings of Historic Interest. No. 7. Houses in Bulawayo
OLIVER RANSFORD. A History of Rhodesia, by Robert Blake. A Review
DR. R. M. MORRIS. Medical Practitioners of Bulawayo in the mid-1920s. Part 2
R. CHERER SMITH. The Rennie Tailyour Concession
M. A. BORDINI. Original References to Excavations at the Umtali Altar Site ca. 1902

Rhodesiana No. 39, September 1978 - Special Issue
The 1978 Silver Jubilee Celebrations, 12th to 14th May
J. K. LATHAM. Oral Traditions : Some Speculations
R. W. DICKINSON. The Explorations of the Portuguese and the Spread of Portuguese Influence
E. E. BURKE. 19th Century Hunters and Explorers
J. G. STORRY. The Administrators
G. H. TANSER AND SENATOR BRENDON. Train Journey to Marandellas. History of Marandellas, Bromley and Melfort areas
Office Bearers in the Rhodesiana Society, 1953 to 1978, compiled by Michael J. Kimberley

Rhodesiana No. 40, 1979 - Final Issue
C. N. RANSFORD AND H. W. KINSEY. The Siege of Elands River
R. S. ROBERTS. A Neglected Source of Pioneer History
MICHAEL J. KIMBERLEY. John Philip Fairbairn Watermeyer - Rhodesia's Second Judge
MICHAEL J. KIMBERLEY. William Musgrave Hopley - Rhodesia's Third Judge
DR. R. M. MORRIS. The Umtali Hospitals
DIANA MITCHELL. Robert William Lewis Cary (1920-1978): A Tribute

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