Rhodesia and South Africa: Military History

Rhodesia: Backgrounders

This section contains the texts of articles and papers published in Rhodesia during the war. Most are from the Ministry of Information and were distributed to journalists and foreign-based Information Offices, to provide background information on the events taking place in Rhodesia.

Terrorist SponsorshipBrief account of the sponsors of southern African terrorists in the 1970s.

 A View of African Nationalism Background briefing published in 1976 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Terrorist Incursions from Zambia Statement by Ian Smith in the Rhodesian Parliament, 30th August, 1967.
Communist Support and Assistance to Nationalist Political Groups in Rhodesia
Jackal Hunt One The first Government pamphlet to be published on the subject of the war against terrorism. Many others were to follow.
A Case for Rhodesia This pamphlet was published in at least 3 editions, explaining the Rhodesian point of view on independence. This was the final edition, published in 1978.
The Murder of Missionaries in Rhodesia Report published in July, 1978, detailing atrocities by ZAPU and ZANU.
Mythologies of the Terrorist War by S. Monick

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