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(With special thanks to Mike Jesson, who loaned me his rare and valuable copies of the first decade of "Rhodesiana" for this project!)

Rhodesiana No. 1, 1956 (pdf file)
SIR ROBERT TREDGOLD. Address on the occasion of the unveiling of the memorial at the Mangwe Pass on 18th July, 1954.
Extracts from the Matabele journals of Robert Moffat, 1829-1860.
W. V. BRELSFORD. Northern Rhodesiana.

Rhodesiana No. 2, 1957 (pdf file)
R. HOWMAN. The effect of history on the African.
A. S. HICKMAN. Some notes on police pioneer doctors and others.
"REGULUS". Frank William Baxter, V.C.
H. POLLETT. The Mazoe Patrol.

Rhodesiana No. 3, 1958 (pdf file)
F. BERGHEGGE. Account of a journey in Central Africa.
A, S. HICKMAN. Norton District in the Mashona Rebellion.
N. M. BRETTELL. Three Rhodesian poets.

Rhodesiana No. 4, 1959
Diaries of the Jesuit missionaries at Bulawayo, 1879-1881; translated from the French by Mrs. M. Lloyd.

Rhodesiana No. 5, 1960 (pdf file)
A. S. HICKMAN. The Mashonaland Irish.
E. C. TABLER. Impressions of Hendrik's Pass.
MRS. MARY BLACKWOOD LEWIS'S letters about Mashonaland, 1897-1901.
W. F. REA. Rhodesian pioneer.
E. C. TABLER. Rare or little known Rhodesiana relating to the pre-pioneer period.

Rhodesiana No. 6, 1961 (pdf file)
W. F. REA. Rhodesia's first martyr.

Rhodesiana No. 7, 1962 (pdf file)
J. A. EDWARDS. The Lomagundi District, a historical sketch.
H. W. SMART. Early days in Bulawayo, 1896-1900.
D. E. FINN. "Kambandakoto", a study of A. S. Cripps, 1869-1952.

Rhodesiana No. 8, 1963 (pdf file)
E. E. BURKE. William Hartley's grave.
E. CAMPBELL. A young lady's journey to Umtali in 1895.
R. C. HOWLAND. The Mazoe Patrol.

Rhodesiana No. 9, 1963 (pdf file)
J. A. EDWARDS. Colquhoun in Mashonaland: a portrait of failure.
A. S. HICKMAN. The siege of the Abercorn Store.
B. M. E. and K. E. O'MAHONEY. The southern column's fight at Singuesi, 2nd November, 1893.
R. C. HOWLAND. The Market Hall - Salisbury's oldest building.
"Shifts and expedients": extracts from the book by W. B. Lord and T. Baines.
MRS. M. CRIPPS. Umtali during the Rebellion, 1896.

Rhodesiana No. 10, July 1964 (pdf file)
The British South Africa Company's Central Settlement Farm, Marandellas, 1907-1910; from the papers of H. K. Scorror, edited by R. Reynolds.
C.T.C. TAYLOR. Lomagundi.
R. W. DICKINSON. Sofala.
H. A. CRIPWELL. Operations round Mpepo, German East Africa, 1917.

Rhodesiana No. 11, December 1964 (pdf file)
J. ELLENBERGER. The Bechuanaland Protectorate and the Boer War.
F. O. BERNHARD. Notes on the Pre-Ruin Ziwa culture of Inyanga.
L. S. GLOVER. Memories of the Mashonaland Mounted Police, 1896-1897.
R. C. HOWLAND. Salisbury, old and new, contrasted in photographs.

Rhodesiana No. 12, September 1965 (pdf file) (Special Issue. 15th Anniversary of formal establishment of our country in 1890)
H. F. HOSTE. Rhodesia in 1890.
R. W. S. TURNER. Henry Hartley, 1815-1876.
P. S. GARLAKE. Pioneer forts in Rhodesia, 1890-1897.
K. MAUCH. The Makalaka; translated from the German by F. O. Bernhard.
H. D. RAWSON. Diary of a journey from Southampton to Salisbury, 1895.
A. S. HICKMAN. The death of Charles Annesty.
J. MCADAM. An early enthusiast for Rhodesian aviation: Mr. C. F. Webb, in 1912.

Rhodesiana No. 13, December 1965 (pdf file)
EXTRACTS from the South African letters and diaries of Victor Morier, 1890-1891.
J. MCADAM. Early birds in Central Africa.
P. BERLYN. Of women who left their mark.
A. H. CROXTON. Rhodesia's light railways.

Rhodesiana No. 14, July 1966
P. S. GARLAKE. The Mashona Rebellion east of Salisbury.
R. ISAACSON. The Countess de la Panouse.
M. O. COLLINS. The start of geodetic survey in Rhodesia.
S. GLASS. The outbreak of the Matabele War (1893) in the light of recent research.
The second visitor to the Victoria Falls: extracts from W. C. Baldwin's African hunting and adventure . . . 1852-1860.
D. DOYLE. "The rise and fall of the Matabele nation" (1893).

Rhodesiana No. 15, December 1966
M. W. BARNARD. The battle of Imbembesi.
G. M. CALVERT. The Zambesi Saw Mills Railway.
The Diary of Alfred Cross at Old Bulawayo and to the Victoria Falls, 1875.
J. RICHMOND. Wheels in the bush.
W. F. REA. Bernard Mizeki: The Devil's Advocate puts his case.
A. S. HICKMAN. Reginald Bray: Police pioneer.
D. K. PARKINSON. Chief Chibi, 1890.
P. BERLYN. On Ethel Colquhoun Tawse Jollie.
Kopje and Causeway: extracted from C. E. Finlayson, A Nobody in Mashonaland, 1893.

Rhodesiana No. 16, July 1967
J. MCADAM. Pat Judson: First Rhodesian Born Airman.
G. L. GUY. Notes on Some Historic Baobabs.
R. HODDER-WILLIAMS. Marandellas and the Mashona Rebellion.
O. N. RANSFORD. An Historical Sketch of Bulawayo.
L. D. S. GLASS. James Dawson: Rhodesian Pioneer.
A. S. HICKMAN. Reginald Bray: An Addendum.

Rhodesiana No. 17, December 1967
R. BLAIR. Selous: A Reassessment.
A. S. HICKMAN. Ballyhooly Hotel.
Memoirs of D. G. Gisborne: 1893 Column.
L. A. RUSSELL. The Last Phase of the East African Campaign, 1914-18. Annotated by H. A. Cripwell.
R. F. H. SUMMERS and C. W. D. PAGDEN. Notes on the Battlefields at Shangani and Bembesi.
E. E. Burke. Archives and Archaeology.
P. C. D. EATON. A Modern Historical Safari.

Rhodesiana No. 18, July 1968 {Special Issue. 15th Anniversary of Occupation of Matabeleland)
Memoirs of D. G. Gisborne: Occupation of Matebeleland, 1893.
O. N. RANSFORD. "White Man's Camp", Bulawayo.
D. HARTRIDGE. Henry Borrow: Pioneer and Hero.
J. CHARLES SHEE. The Burial of Cecil Rhodes.
LOUIS W. BOLZE. The Railway Comes to Bulawayo.
ROGER SUMMERS. Museum Buildings in Bulawayo, 1900 to 1968.
G. L, GUY. The Trees of Old Bulawayo.
R. L. MOFFAT. A Further Note on the Battle of Shangani.

Rhodesiana No. 19, December 1968
HUGH TRACEY. Antonio Fernandes: Rhodesia's First Pioneer.
W. F. REA. Goncalo da Silveira's Journey to the Monomatapa in 1560.
R. W. DICKINSON. Sofala: Gateway to the Gold of Monomatapa.
G. H. TANSER. Notes on the Mazoe Patrol and Salisbury Laager Photographs.
H. A. CRIPWELL. Some Banking Characters.
D. K. PARKINSON. The Fort at Naka Pass.
D. HARTRIDGE. "A Time to Die": A Review of Robert Gary's Book.
Buildings of Historic Interest. No. 1. The Residency, Salisbury.
W. D. GALE. The Diaries of Harold Cookson. Part I.: Discovering the Riches of the Congo.

Rhodesiana No. 20, July 1969
A. S. HICKMAN. Colonel John Anthony Spreckley, C.M.G. A Short Biography.
G. L. GUY. David Livingstone: Tourist to Rhodesia.
H. J. LUCAS. Early Days on a Small Working.
DICK HOBSON. John Norton-Griffiths: A Rhodesian Pioneer.
W. D. GALE. The Diaries of Harold Cookson. Part 2.
R. C. HOWLAND (compiled by). Buildings of Historic Interest. No. 2. The Old Salisbury Hospital.
JANIE MALHERBE. Rev. Paul Nel. A Rhodesian Pioneer.
G. L, GUY and R. H. H. ORCHARD. Rhodesia's First Petrol Driven Tractor: Ivel Agricultural Motor No. 140

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