From "The Passing of the Indian and Buffalo" by J.L. Hill, undated.

"The Aboriginal American Indian furnished a theme for poet, historian and novelist. Cooper's novels delightful and heroic with other Indian romances have produced in the American mind a belief in a higher type of Indian than ever existed. So with all romance of Indian type. The high type demanded by false types in literature and poetry has worked gross injustice to the present North American Indian. It has created in the popular mind in sections where he is not actually known a false impression of his capacity, his manhood and his fitness for the demands for Anglo Saxon life. In fact by reason of this false teachings we expect too much of him. He has been placed upon a high pedestal in literature story and song and at distances like the great statue he shows neither defect nor lack of symmetry. On close inspection the present Indian clearly indicates a great decadence from his reputed ancestors and convicts of exaggeration, many of the writers contemporaneous with his forefathers." [p. 3-4]

"If the Redman had been a man of foresight, he would have seen what his wholesale slaughter would soon result in, and would have been moved by common impulse to kill sparingly, and by reasonable economy in the chase have made the Buffalo last as long as possible. But apparently no such thoughts ever entered their minds, so far as they themselves were concerned. They looked with jealous eyes upon the white hunter, and considered him as much a robber, as if they had a brand on every Buffalo. It has been claimed by some that the Indians killed with more care for the future than the white man. I fail to find any evidence that such was the fact. They witnessed the herds being driven farther and farther back and the narrowing down of the limits of their hunting grounds. Still when in need of food they killed wastfully, wantonly and always many more than they needed for food, and seventy-five per cent of their slaughter would be left to fatten the wolves." [p.37-38]

(emphasis added by website.)