The world condemned Ian Smith as a racist, and regularly offered as proof of this a line from a speech he had made in 1976, taking great care (as is apparently the custom with today's leftist press) not to quote the entire paragraph! The line quoted was always - "I don't believe in majority rule ever in Rhodesia... not in 1,000 years." which gives the impression that Smith was totally opposed to having black Africans participate in ruling the country. Read the entire paragraph below and it becomes obvious that Smith was merely saying that neither race should rule exclusively.

He predicted that pure black majority rule, without the participation of experienced whites, would spell disaster for the country, and the result is there for all to see in the Zimbabwe of today.

It must be hugely embarrassing for the world's leftist press to realise that, in the end, despite their misquotes, Smith was right...

"I have said before, and I repeat, we are prepared to bring black people into our Government to work with us. I think we have got to accept that in the future Rhodesia is a country for black and white, not white as opposed to black and vice versa. I believe this is wrong thinking for Rhodesia. We have got to try to get people to change their line of thinking if they are still thinking like that. This is outdated in Rhodesia today. I don't believe in majority rule ever in Rhodesia... not in 1,000 years. I repeat that I believe in blacks and whites working together. If one day it is white and the next day black I believe we have failed and it will be a disaster for Rhodesia."

Ian Smith, televised speech, 20 March 1976