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"There are two world histories. One is the official and full of lies, destined to be taught in schools - the other is the secret history, which harbors the true causes and occurrences."

Honore de Balzaz (French author, 1799-1850)

This section of the web site will focus on what might be called inconvenient, and therefore little-known, facts about history. Some call it "revisionist history" - in most cases a misnomer because the facts have generally always been known, just suppressed or ignored because they disturb the comfortable myths that have been built up over the years by establishment historians, the press and, not least, Hollywood. The reasons are almost always economic - where large amounts of money are concerned the facts can be a nuisance, getting in the way of established reputations and undermining social programs set up for the enrichment of certain people.

It is refreshing to go back to material written before it became fashionable to be "politically correct", which is merely a method of ensuring that only socialist or global versions of history be seen as truth, with fancy-sounding "social" key words such as "gender", "ethnic", "reinterpreting", "reconstructing" etc, calculated to give a ring of respectability to the work of people who are generally more concerned with history as it "should have been" in accord with current prevailing dogmas rather than as it actually was. The influence of Hollywood, for example, has given us the image of the American Red Indian as a "noble savage", living a "green" life, in complete accord with his environment and forced to defend his idyllic peaceful life against all comers. History, real history, tells us otherwise. As with the so-called climate "scientists" falsifying data to ensure their lucrative research grants keep pouring in, many historians today are not above falsifying the facts to fit their own social motives. A recent example is the Australian "historian" Manning Clark, author of a six-volume history of Australia, caught out in the repeated lie of having been personally present at the Kristallnacht in Germany in 1938, giving his "eyewitness" accounts of the events in great detail - yet his own diaries and the testimony of friends have since proved he was in Oxford at the time. If he lied about this, what other lies are in his published works?

Books published during and shortly after the War for Southern Independence (incorrectly termed the "civil war" as will become clear on these pages) present a great deal of material that is immediately called "revisionist" when presented by historians today. An example is the myth of Abraham Lincoln as "honest Abe", great statesman and fighter for justice and democracy in his time. Several historians in recent times have written studies pointing out that he was none of the above, but rather the first to dispense with the American Constitution and introduce top-heavy socialist and centralized government, the forerunner of today's "big brother" style government that is slowly eradicating hard-won freedoms in the western world. The recent books by Thomas diLorenzo on the subject of the Lincoln myth, for example, make for astounding reading, and they are supported by the historians and authors who pointed out many of the same facts back in the nineteenth century.

This section will include selections from some of those authors, and in some cases complete books. Many are already available in the public domain online, but invariably in large and cumbersome files in which the pages have been scanned as images rather than text. The books offered here have been reworked via OCR programs to make them more accessible and readable, and in reduced file size. The purpose of this is to encourage students to look more closely at some of the official history, "full of lies, taught in schools" and re-examine it in light of what they read here. Where possible links will be included to other websites and published material for further reference.

Initially most of the material presented here will cover the War for Southern Independence because it is the one subject that has been most grossly misrepresented by modern-day "academics", and because many aspects of the disinformation on that war are similar to the propaganda myths which evolved on this site's main subject of Rhodesia and South Africa. Eventually the section will be enlarged to cover other subjects, from the Crusades to the myths of the "Noble Savage" and the effect they have on today's beliefs and policies worldwide.

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"Silence every tongue; seal every mouth that does not speak with respect of our cause (conquest of the South) and of our flag. Let us cease to talk of safeguards, of laws and restrictions, of dangers to liberty."
John W. Forney, Secretary of the Senate and close friend of Lincoln, Philadelphia Press, quoted in "Facts and Falsehoods Concerning the War on the South" by George Edmonds, published in 1904.

1.Excerpts from Facts and Falsehoods Concerning the War on the South

2.The Confederate Cause and Conduct in the War Between the States by Dr. H. McGuire and Hon. George L. Christian Complete book as PDF file (960Kb). Published 1907. 226 pages. Contents include articles such as Slavery not the cause of the war, The right of secession and The North the aggressor in bringing on the war, established by their own testimony.

3.The Real Lincoln, by Charles Minor Published in 1904, the author was one of the first to contrast the myth built up around the person of Abraham Lincoln with the real man. Complete book as PDF file (864Kb).

4. Former president Woodrow Wilson on Reconstruction (writing in 1901) A critical non-PC account of the era of Reconstruction after the War Between the States. Wilson writes of the post-war period during which negroes ruled the South: "The negroes were exalted; the states were misgoverned and looted in their name; and a few men, not of their number, not really of their interest, went away with the gains. They were left to carry the discredit and reap the consequences of ruin, when at last the whites who were real citizens got control again."


"The pro-Bantu school is wholly wanting in any merit and since it is this one which has taken the stage, and whose views are repeated from textbook to textbook and in every popularising account of the proto-historic megalithic civilisation of Rhodesia, it is this myth which must be exploded once and for all if a gross distortion of racial history is not to be perpetuated." (R. Gayre of Gayre)

1.Gayre-The Origin of the Zimbabwean Civilisation Complete book as PDF file (14Mb).

2. The Arab Builders of Zimbabwe by J.E. Mullen Complete book as PDF file (896Kb).

3. The Gold of Ophir by Prof. A.H. Keane - in preparation.


1. Ward Churchill's repeated claim that the US Army deliberately infected Indians with smallpox via infected blankets is dissected in this 30-page document by Prof. Thomas Brown of Lamar University. (pdf file)
Brown writes: Every aspect of Churchill's tale is fabricated. Between 1994 and 2003, Ward Churchill published at least six different versions of this accusation against the U.S. Army. While the Mandans and other Indians of the Upper Plains did suffer horribly from a smallpox epidemic in 1837, Churchill presents no evidence whatsoever to indicate that the infection was anything but accidental, or that the U.S. Army was in any way involved. Fort Clark was a privately owned fur trading outpost, not a military base, and there were no U.S. troops in the vicinity. The closest U.S. military unit was an eight hundred mile march away at Fort Leavenworth.

Ward Churchill's claim to have Cherokee Indian ancestry has been disputed by genealogists and he has been accused of plagiarism and misconduct in his research. In 2007 he was fired by the University of Colorado where he had been a Professor of Ethnic Studies.

2. Time for the Australian Abo's to say "Sorry" as well...?
Article on the Australian Pygmies by Keith Windschuttle and Tim Gillin. Includes photos of their last surviving descendants.

"From the 1940s until the 1960s, it was fairly widely known there were pygmies in Australia. They lived in North Queensland and had come in from the wild of the tropical rainforests to live on missions in the region. This was a fact recorded at the time not only in anthropological textbooks and articles but also in popular books about the Australian Aborigines... Yet, since then, the Australian pygmies have been totally obliterated from public memory."

3. The Fabrication of Aboriginal History A series of articles by historian Keith Windschuttle on the fraudulent claims of establishment historians with regard to the Aborigines. Includes articles on "The Myths of Frontier Massacres", Why There Were No Stolen Generations, and the fake claims of genocide by the Aborigines. Windschuttle has published a number of books on the subject of the fabrication of Australian history.

4. Out of Africa by Roger Sandall Read this article and other articles by Roger Sandall, an Australian writer who puts the myth of the "Noble Savage" where it belongs - in the realms of fantasy, the kind of romanticised fantasy of a pre-colonial tribal Garden of Eden that, for example, the American TV series "Roots" tried to construct for the descendants of African slaves in the USA. Unfortunately for the author of the book on which the series was based, Alex Haley, he was later exposed as both a plagiarist and a liar.

5. The "Ecological Indian" myth Always interesting to go back to the books published before our "politically correct era" and see what they had to say about the subjects that seem to have become Hollywood-inspired myths posing as fact written in stone (eg the indians never ever wasted any part of an animal they killed)... or those that are never mentioned - such as the fact that the American Indians were slave traders and always had been...